The President needs to understand the intricacies of politics and society.

Unifying Role

The President represents the whole country and must act as a unifying force, speaking for – and to – the nation.

The strengths of Icelandic society lie in its ability to foster diverse individuals with differing opinions, life perspectives, and experiences, while maintaining a unified national identity. Our national history demonstrates that we thrive when we work together, each contributing in a unique way, regardless of origins. The President’s role is to promote unity within society, while allowing diversity and individuality to flourish.

The President must display both leadership and humility to bring people together, thereby bolstering the foundation of democracy and human rights. We are experiencing significant societal changes and confronting new global challenges that can put our solidarity to the test. In these situations, the President’s responsibility is to reconcile differing opinions and combat polarization to uphold the core values that Icelandic society is built on: democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Strong Advocate for Iceland

The President’s role is to enhance the country’s soft power and guard Iceland’s reputation globally. That also means adhering to Iceland’s foreign policy and take initiatives designed to enhance the country’s interests and visibility abroad. Icelandic ingenuity has received worldwide attention, and the President should promote it as part of efforts to strengthen Iceland’s position internationally.

Language and Culture

The President should have a good understanding of Icelandic history, culture, and language, and be familiar with both the nation’s heritage and contemporary cultural trends. These knowledge skills should be used to advocate for Icelandic culture, sports, language, and science – both domestically and internationally.

The native language is a vital asset to every individual and serves as the lifeline for each nation. One of the President’s duties is to safeguard the Icelandic language amid transformative changes in communication methods and technologies. It is in everyone’s interest for the Icelandic language to continue growing and thriving.

Rooted in a mediaeval past, Icelandic society embraces continual change. The country’s culture and history fuel creativity and innovation, making cultural accessibility vital for every Icelander. The President should highlight the significance of Iceland’s history, nature, and culture, while stressing the role played by each inhabitant in shaping culture and the nation as a whole.

The President's Office

Elected by a direct popular vote, the President needs to have a broad understanding of Icelandic society and politics. The President must exhibit objective and fair decision-making skills, sound judgement, and personal strength and resilience to protect national interests.

Katrín has demonstrated that she possesses these qualities. She has led the nation through societal and natural crises and brought together different groups with differing viewpoints towards collective goals.

Katrín possesses invaluable experience and knowledge, equipping her with the means to take on national challenges and to provide strong leadership.

“The native language is a vital asset to every individual and serves as the lifeline for each nation.”