About Katrín

Early Life

Katrín Jakobsdóttir was born on February 1, 1976 as the youngest of four siblings. She grew up in Álfheimar, Reykjavík, and attended the Langholtsskóli primary school and the Menntaskólinn við Sund secondary school. From an early age, she demonstrated talents in visual arts and poetry.  At twenty, Katrín became a bank employee at a  Landsbankinn branch, gaining familiarity with various Icelandic export companies. Prior to that, she worked as a mail carrier.

Early Leadership Promise

Katrín quickly gained trust in leadership roles within homeowners’ associations, particularly with respect to large construction projects, when her social skills in mediating with construction workers came to good use.

At the University of Iceland, she studied French and Icelandic, and following graduation, she became an expert on Icelandic crime fiction during a boom in the genre in Iceland.

Extensive Experience

Katrín joined the Left-Green Movement shortly after its formation in 1999, and, in 2003, at the age of 27, she was elected as its Deputy Chair.  She occupied a leadership role within the Movement for the next 21 years, becoming its Chairperson in 2013. She became a Minister of Education, Science, and Culture on her 33rd birthday in 2009; and in 2017, she became the Prime Minister of Iceland at the age of 41 – a position she held until 2024.  Since Iceland became a republic in 1944, only two persons have served longer consecutive terms as Prime Ministers.

She is married to Gunnar Sigvaldason, and they have three boys together.

“The President must demonstrate leadership as well as humility.”